Paya Bana, Paya meaning “durable” and Bana meaning “building” in Persian language, is an international branded company composed of professional architectural, construction and civil engineers gathered together for fulfilling all your needs in construction. With years of international experience in the field of civil engineering, especially construction industry, we are proud to create diverse, sustainable and efficient spaces in many projects. Featuring superior design, engineering and execution teams, the most up-to-date fit out tools and selection of top quality material manufacturers are among the distinctions of our company.

Areas of activity of this company in general are:

  • Building contracting, especially renovation and retrofitting;
  • Design and execution of garden and urban space landscaping;
  • Specialized waterproofing of pools, tanks, roofs and facades using polymeric insulation and nanotechnology;
  • Consulting and supplying materials of various types of adhesives, polymeric and nano insulators and powder coatings;
  • Manufacturer of waterproofing materials and powder coatings for facades.
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