Paya Bana Construction Engineering Company

A team of construction engineering professionals with more than 8 years of experience as a consultant or contractor honored to fulfill hundreds of usable, long lasting and highlighted projects. Using expert design and application teams, availability of the most up to date executive tools and materials and choosing high quality manufacturers are means of distinguishing this engineering team. The fields of activity of this company can be generally stated as follows:

  • High tech construction materials wholesaler.
  • Landscaping, design and construction of buildings with different usages.
  • Water and moisture insulation using the most up to date materials and methods.
  • Interior design and execution.
  • Exterior design or restoration using powder coatings for:
    • Urban spaces such as urban walls, public parking areas, bridges, etc.
    • Commercial spaces such as shopping malls, complexes, etc.
    • Industrial spaces such as industrial sheds, industrial purlieu, warehouses, etc.