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Pabcoat Stone Coating

Pabcoat Stone Coating is a powder coating derived from the mixture of natural colored stone powder and specific types of resin and is used to coat facades of buildings.

Characteristics and specifications:

  • Color stability: Pabcoat has high color stability due to the formation of natural colored stones and not using chemical pigment compositions and is warrantied for 10 years against paleness.
  • Anti-flaking: Presence of strong resins in Pabcoat prevents flaking.
  • Sealing surfaces: Due to the sealing compounds used in Pabcoat, this product has high resistance against water penetration and can be used to prevent water penetration and eliminate associated problems.
  • Thermal Insulation: Due to the formation of crystals in natural stones and sunlight reflecting compounds used in Pabcoat, this product will reflect sunlight, absorb much less heat and reduce the temperature inside building.
  • Washable: The resistance property against scrubbing, flaking, and the sealing property of the Pabcoat, allows the final coating created with this product to be washed, even by high pressure currents such as water jets.
  • Fast implementation: Due to its implementation methods, Pabcoat can be applied very fast and will save time and costs.
  • Applicable on surfaces made of different materials: High adhesion of the compounds used in Pabcoat provides the ability for using this product to cover wide range of surfaces made of various materials such as wood, metal, glass, concrete, cement, plaster, etc.
  • Different layouts and colors: Considering the method of implementation and crushed stones of different colors, this product can be applied in various colors and layouts, among which it can be pointed out to layouts of bricks, stone, tile, etc.
  • Economic efficiency: As most of the components used in this product are natural, and due to the reduction of the implementation time and costs, using this coating is very cost-effective and leads to a reduction of costs in comparison to similar products.
  • Resistant to scratches.
  • Stable against corrosive materials.
  • Compatible with different climatic conditions.

Cases of usage:

  • Exterior facades of residential and office buildings, mass complexes and housing projects.
  • Interior facades such as corridors, parking lots, balconies, dining halls, resorts, etc.
  • Decoration of urban spaces such as urban walls, street tables, sanitary facilities, passages and bridges.
  • Reconstruction and renovation of worn out buildings.

Textured or non-textured coating:

Pabcoat is available in two different particle sizes (coarse or fine-grained) by which different final textures can be created.

Surface preparation:

  • Before applying Pabcoat, the proposed surface must be cleaned from dirt, dust and grease and completely dry. It is recommended to completely wash the surface with high pressure water and let fully dry.
  • In areas with low level of adhesion and in case of poor sub-surfaces, Pabcoprime should be used as a primer prior to applying Pabcoat. For this purpose simply mix Pabcoprime with tap water (1:3) and apply on the surface using a brush, roller or by spraying.
  • In case of negative pressure or possible efflorescence of sub-surface, first apply Pabcoseal on the proposed surface. Let at least 24 hours to dry completely and then apply Pabcoprime primer.
  • In cases where the sub-surface may crack or in areas with heavy raining, Pabcoelast with minimum 1 mm thickness should be used as a primer prior to applying Pabcoat.

Application method:

Pabcoat stone coating can be delivered in one component (ready to apply slurry) or two component (solid & liquid) forms which can easily be mixed and thinned with water and applied by spraying with hopper gun and high pressure air compressor (minimum 80 liter). Do not apply during or within 24 hours of chance of frost, rain and snow.

* Attention:

  • Stronger air compressors will result in more uniform and smooth texture.
  • The amount of water needed depends on the application method, desired texture and sub-surface water absorption. For coarser and deeper textures or in situations with low water absorption of sub-surface, lower ratios of water and for smoother finish and finer texture, higher ratios of water should be used.
  • While application, remix the prepared Pabcoat slurry each 15 minutes to keep the uniformity of the mixture and avoid settling of stone powders.
  • Try not to prepare mixtures more than the need of one day and always try to use fresh slurry for the best results.
  • Due to inevitable slight color variation of natural stones, always try to prepare material in big buckets and use the same batch in the areas adjacent to each other so that no color variations will occur in coated areas.
  • For more weather protection specially in heavy raining areas and also for dirt repellant glossy look, water based weather shields and transparent topcoats can be applied over Pabcoat. Applied Pabcoat should be fully dried before application of topcoat.

For Applying one component form follow these steps:

  • Prepare a big bucket, drum or barrel with minimum capacity of 60 liters.
  • Empty Pabcoat buckets in the big bucket.
  • Mix the material thoroughly after adding to the big bucket.
  • Add extra amount of water if needed (5 ~ 10% max), mix for minimum 2 minutes and then start spraying.

For applying two component form follow these steps:

  • Prepare a big bucket, drum or barrel with minimum capacity of 60 liters.
  • Use tap water to mix solid and liquid components. As an average the ratio of water : liquid component : solid component is 2 : 1 : 6 (liter : liter : kg) respectively. These ratios may vary depending on sub-surface water absorption and final desired texture. Add water to the big bucket first and then add the liquid part to it and mix for 20 seconds.
  • Add the solid part in portions to the mixture while the mixer is on. Strong mixers should be used for proper and uniform mixing and avoid using small and weak mixers.
  • Continue mixing the slurry for 2 minutes after all of the components are added until they are mixed thoroughly and homogenously and no un-dissolved solid parts are remained in the mixture.
  • Add extra amount of water if needed (5 ~ 10% max), mix for minimum 2 minutes and then start spraying.

* Attention:

Instruction videos on how to apply the material are available in our website


As an average each kilograms of Pabcoat slurry (after being mixed with water) will cover 2 square meters in small-textured (fine grained) type and 0.7 square meters in the medium-textured (coarse grained) type depending on the desired texture and sub-surface properties. In case of bigger or deeper textures needed, avoid creating thick layers or deep textures in one step and thicken the final layer in different phases with 12h intervals.

 * Attention:

Keep away from reach of children and in case of swallow do not throw back; drink huge amounts of water and call emergency immediately. In case of contact with eyes, wash them for 15 minutes. Please study Material Safety Data Sheet for more safety information.

* Attention: The following items may disturb Pabcoat performance:

  • Site manipulation by unauthorized people.
  • Any damages due to natural and abnormal disasters such as flood, earthquake, fire, etc.
  • Tapping with any sharp objects.
  • Pouring any strong solvent on the insulated surface.
  • Appearance of any cracks on the base surface underlying insulation layer after implementation.

This company has no responsibility in case of fatigue, delimitation, flaking, blistering, collapse and the inner moisture (negative pressure) of the under-lying base surface and the customer is responsible for all of the possible repair costs and damages.

Storage and shelf life:

  • Store out of reach of direct sunlight and protect from high temperatures.
  • 12 months if stored as recommended.

Material:Natural colored stone powder and acrylic resin
Operating Temperature:+5 to +45 °C
Density:1.15~1.25 g/cm3
Thermal resistance:-40 to +90 °C
Color:Available in different colors
Drying time length:24-72 hours depending on thickness and climatic conditions

different executable Pabcoat textures

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