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Water and dirt repellent agent for surface and volumetric treatment.

Characteristics and specifications:

  • Hydrophobic; which results in self-cleaning surfaces after application.
  • Breathable.
  • Avoids surface damages including efflorescence, growth of fungus and molds, color flaking and early dirtying of facades.
  • Preventing structural damages due to alkaline and silicate reaction, freezing and melting of water in pores, acid rains and sulfates.
  • Sealing underlying layers of inorganic surface at molecular dimensions.
  • Increase of surface resistance against abrasion, impact, pressure and intact.
  • High resistance against UV, temperature variations, wind erosion and constant rain.
  • Conserving property for up to 7 years.
  • Fast and easy implementation with brush or spray.
  • No specialization or special equipment needed for application.
  • Echo-friendly.
  • Perfectly hygiene (applicable in hygiene environments such as hospitals, pharmacies, kitchens, public pools, etc)
  • Applicable on horizontal, vertical, wavy and diagonal surfaces.
  • Insulating, sealing and antibacterial coating for roof, ceiling, facade, wall, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, surgery rooms, baths, etc.
  • Self-cleaning properties for facades.
  • Avoids the growth of fungus, mold, efflorescence, and eliminates susceptible places to form bacterial colonies.
  • As an additive in manufacturing of concrete or gypsum fiber boards.
  • In petrochemical industry Pabcoseal can be used for the production of sorbents – liquids, significantly accelerating the drilling process and preserving useful properties of the drilling equipment.

Surface Preparation:

Surface must be cleaned from dirt, dust and grease.

Application Method:

Pabcoseal can be used for surface and volumetric treatment.

In volumetric treatment Pabcoseal is introduced into the water of the solution of plaster, cement, concrete in the required proportions (0.1~0.2% of the amount of binder as an average). The right amount must be calculated, based on the desired level of water repellency and service period.

In surface treatment Pabcoseal is diluted with water immediately before use (1:15~19 – Pabcoseal:Water) and applied on surface with a brush, roller or by spraying. Do not overdose. Consumption depends on the material and porosity of the surface and averages 350 ml of PabcoSeal-Water solution per each square meter. Generally the solution should be applied till surface is saturated and droplets are formed. The excess liquid must be removed. Can be used for treatment on: brick, wall panels, cement and concrete tiles, limestone, porous rock, slate, tile, plaster coating.

   * Attention:

  • Please note that Pabcoseal is an alkaline material, so observe necessary precautions when applying. Do not allow the contact of liquid with skin, prevent access to the flame..
  • Apply Pabcoseal on a completely dry surface using brush or spray and prevent moisture from reaching the surface for 12-24 hours.
  • Due to the penetration property of Pabcoseal, spray performance is preferable
  • Do not implement during frost, rain and snow.
  • Keep away from reach of children and in case of swallow, do not throw back, drink huge amounts of water and call emergency immediately. In case of contact with eyes, wash them for 15 minutes.

  * Attention:  The following items may disturb Pabcoseal performance:

  • Site manipulation by unauthorized people.
  • Any damages due to natural and abnormal disasters such as flood, earthquake, fire, etc.
  • Pouring any strong solvent on the insulated surface.
  • Appearance of any cracks on the base surface after implementation.

This company has no responsibility in case of fatigue, delimitation; flaking, blistering, collapse and the inner moisture (negative pressure) of the under-lying base surface; and the customer is responsible for all of the possible repair costs and damages.

   Storage and shelf life:

  • Store out of reach of direct sunlight and protect from high temperatures.
  • 24 months if stored as recommended.

Material:Potassium Methylsiliconate
Operating Temperature:+5 to +45 °C
Density:1.38~1.40 g/cm3 at 25 °C
Thermal resistance:-40 to +90 °C
Mass content of K2O19.5~20.5%
AppearanceClear or slightly turbid liquid
Drying time length:12-24 hours depending on climatic conditions

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