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Complete Redesign & Renovation of Garden and Vila

Watch a full video on our capabilities

Pabcoat Short Intro

Sample images of projects coated by Pabcoat

Pabcoat Intro & Application

 Instruction video on how to prepare and apply it

Paya Bana

Who we are and what we have

Artificial Thatch

Application method

Interior Design 

Old villa interior design & renovation


Beyond your expectations as a hydrophobic agent


Loose soil water repellency


Raw wood waterproofed with no change in appearance


Polymeric Cement – Best solution for waterproofing


Paint and waterproof at the same time

Interior Design

Modern Interior Design of private Villa.

polymeric cementitious

Steps of full pool waterproofing using polymeric cementitious waterproof agent

Landscape Design

Landscape Design of private Villa. Why not start designing yours?